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Leroy’s Story

Leroy was referred by a hospital in Grand Rapids.  Not only was he diabetic, he had suffered a pulmonary embolism and needed close follow-up after discharge, since he was going to be on blood thinners and other medications.  Not only was he seen at Hope House, but our providers assumed the responsibility for monitoring his weekly labs.  He subsequently developed other problems, but continued to be seen at Hope House until he was finally accepted for Medicaid.  Our providers cared for him until he obtained a new provider, an additional six months.

Message from Dr. Wright

“Why do you volunteer at Hope House Free Medical Clinic?” That’s a great question. I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of the great team of volunteers at Hope House since it formed in 2006. After spending hours providing medical care in your “day job” why would anyone want to do this on their time off? The answer is at the heart of why we work in health care. People who look to Hope House for their health care needs have nowhere else to go and often have conditions which could result in serious harm or financial failure if... View Article

Focus on Wellness

The focus on Co-Vid 19 has hampered efforts to provide wellness screening for Hope House Patients.  Recently, the recommended age for colon cancer screening was lowered to 45.  Although the occurrence of colon cancer deaths has decreased in older adults, primarily due to screening/detection, it was recently announced that there has been an increase in detection in the younger screening population.  Hope House is embarking upon a colon cancer detection/screening program aimed at patients aged 45-75, about 60% of our patients are in this age group.  Patients will receive counseling and brochures recommending they take advantage of the opportunity for... View Article