BLOG: It’s Time to Get Outside!

We survived another winter. Spring has called out to us early this year – the temperatures have warmed, and the days are longer. The hope that winter has passed for good begins to lift our spirits. Gone are the months of hibernating indoors. Perhaps we can feel the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) beginning to ease up on our hearts and minds. It’s time to get outside and soak up the mental, physical, and emotional health benefits the great outdoors has to offer to each of us. See a few ideas listed below: Take 5 minutes to: Stand outside with the sun on your face Take off your shoes and feel the grass in between your toes Gaze through a window at the scenery outside Take 25 minutes to: Take a walk, take deep breaths Eat lunch outside Take a phone call/hold a meeting outdoors 5 other free ideas for getting outside: Plan a picnic Find a hiking trail Go for a bicycle ride Take your dog for a walk Go bird watching anywhere outside Wishing you wonderful days, weeks, and months filled with experiences that take you outdoors! Taken from here.