Focus on Wellness

It is a good reminder that the recommended age for colon cancer screening was lowered to 45. Although the occurrence of colon cancer deaths has decreased in older adults, primarily due to screening/detection, it was recently announced that there has been an increase in detection in the younger screening population. Hope House is embarking upon a colon cancer detection/screening program aimed at patients aged 45-75, about 60 percent of our patients are in this age group. Patients will receive counseling and brochures recommending they take advantage of the opportunity for screening.

Hope House is also eager to support female patients over age 40 to obtain mammograms. Partnering with District Ten of the Health Department, patients will be referred for screening, which is completed at Corewell Health Big Rapids Hospital.

All patients have the ability to obtain needed vaccines—influenza, T-Dap, pneumonia and shingles vaccine, and are strongly encouraged to do so. Rowe Pharmacy Care Center, our partnering pharmacy at Ferris State University, administers the vaccines—appointments can be made during regular pharmacy hours.