Pharmacy News

The pandemic presented unique challenges for the Rowe Pharmacy Care Clinic, but we have not wavered from our mission and vision to take care of patients’ medication needs. During these times of shutdowns and closures, the Rowe Pharmacy Care Clinic has kept normal hours and continued to provide medications via mail and curbside pick-up. We utilize a Pharmacist-Refill Protocol where the pharmacists are able to prescribe up to a 30 day fill of a patient’s medication in order to assure that patients are not going without their medications. Immunizations and lab testing had to be halted for a few months, but patients had lab tests ordered at Spectrum Hospital to make sure their care was monitored appropriately. Since the public has been granted access again to the Hagerman Pharmacy Building, the pharmacists have been actively reaching out to patients to have them come in for lab tests and immunizations. Influenza vaccines are even more important this year, so we are continuing to offer free vaccines to all Hope House patients, and strongly encouraging them to be up-to-date on all of their vaccines. We have also continued to offer pharmacist-managed care for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These services are offered under a Collaborative Practice Agreement with Dr. Wright that allows the pharmacists to start, stop, and change medications.